July 2024

Talon Lodge & Spa Alaska's Luxury Adventure Resort

Experience an Alaska fishing lodge that exceeds every standard for service, quality, and excellence.  Talon Lodge & Spa has been creating Alaska memories for families, couples, and friend groups for 20 years.

Alaska Fishing Lodge – Redefined

Talon Lodge & Spa is like no other Alaska Fishing Lodge or Alaska Adventure Resort.  This private island resort is specifically designed with families and couples in mind.  It’s safe to say that Talon Lodge hosts more women each summer than any other Alaska fishing lodge.

Four gourmet chefs, waterfront and open-air spa and massage center, and a private island setting complete with a private beach.  There is nothing like it!


Talon Lodge & Spa Alaska Sportfishing

The waters that surround Talon Lodge are simply the best and most productive Salmon fishing waters in Alaska.  It takes fewer rod hours to land a King Salmon or Silver Salmon, in Sitka Sound vs. any other saltwater fishing location in Western Alaska or British Columbia.

Not only is King Salmon and Silver Salmon fishing great, but the Halibut and Rockfish fishing at Talon Lodge meets every expectation.

Talon’s fleet of sportfishing vessels are all custom-built and provide full walk-around fishing with heated cabins.  The experienced guide and mate take care of everything and all you need to do is fish and catch!

Talon Lodge & Spa Alaska Gourmet Cuisine

Four chefs share their artistry with 24-guests each evening.

This is a true sea-to-table and farm-to-table experience.  Talon focuses on introducing Alaska’s sea treasures in creative and different ways to broaden one’s idea of preparing fish and seafood.  There is also an evening cooking class and demonstration, performed by one of the Talon Lodge chefs to teach how easy it is to prepare wonderful salmon meals at home.

Talon is one of the few adventure resorts with an Executive Pastry Chef.  Yes, Talon Lodge provides a variety of cookies, and all of the bread, pastries, and desserts are made in-house and presented fresh out of the oven.

Talon Lodge & Spa Luxury Spa Pavilion

Imagine getting a massage with water lapping beneath you, eagles singing above you, and the view of Alaska’s Inside Passage directly in front of you.

This is a wellness experience that can only be found at Talon Lodge & Spa.

The open-air massage and spa facility is situated with a direct view of Mount Edgecumbe and is secluded from the rest of the private island resort.

Guests enjoy a variety of massage treatments and can also be treated to a complete spa experience including massage, scrubs, soaking in the Japanese Soaking Tub, and capping the day off with a champagne lunch.

Talon has created an Alaska luxury spa environment that is beyond any and all expectations – Wellness Alaska Style

Talon Lodge & Spa Much More Than Alaska Fishing

Talon Lodge has a mission – Create Memories!

Alaska fishing is the best in the world, but there is so much more to do and see in Alaska, and the adventure menu provided by Talon lodge helps to bring these experiences to every Talon Lodge guest.

Some of the Alaska adventures include atv tours, crabbing, kayaking, hiking, whale watching, wildlife viewing, bird and eagle viewing, or just enjoying the private beach and view of Alaska’s Inside Passage

Within the Wild Winterlake Lodge

Within the Wild Winterlake Lodge is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Alaska’s wilderness. Surrounded by stunning views of snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear lakes, Winterlake Lodge offers an unforgettable experience for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The lodge is located approximately 198 miles northwest of Anchorage and is accessible only by floatplane, adding to the sense of adventure and remoteness. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff, who make them feel at home in the rustic yet luxurious accommodations.


Photo Credit – Within the Wild

Within the Wild Winterlake Lodge

The lodge offers a range of activities for guests, river rafting, including guided hikes, fishing, and dog sledding. For those seeking a more relaxed experience, the lodge also offers yoga classes and spa treatments. The meals at Winterlake Lodge are another highlight, with the chefs using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create delicious and innovative dishes.

Photo Credit – Within the Wild

Within the Wild Winterlake Lodge

Some of the most unique experiences offered at Winterlake Lodge is the opportunity to experience a real dog sled ride and witness the Northern Lights. The lodge is located in an area known for its clear skies and minimal light pollution, making it the perfect location to catch a glimpse of the spectacular natural phenomenon.

In addition to its breathtaking surroundings and activities, Winterlake Lodge is also committed to sustainability and minimizing its environmental impact. The lodge uses solar power, composts all organic waste, and sources food locally to reduce its carbon footprint.

Photo Credit – Within the Wild

Within the Wild Cooking School

Winterlake Lodge offers daily 1-hour cooking classes for its guests.

The talented culinary team, at Winterlake Lodge, is headed by Mandy Dixon (Owner & Manager) who has cookbooks with recipes ready to teach that accompany and highlight Alaska’s bounty of fresh fish & seafood as well as their organic farm vegetables and herbs.

Photo Credit – Within the Wild

Sheldon Chalet

Sheldon Chalet: An Unforgettable Alaskan Experience

If you’re looking for an unforgettable and truly unique Alaskan experience, look no further than Sheldon Chalet. Situated on a remote glacier in the heart of the Denali National Park and Preserve, Sheldon Chalet is a luxurious mountain retreat unlike any other.

The chalet was built by the Sheldon family, who have been exploring and living in the Alaskan wilderness for over 60 years. It’s named after their patriarch, Don Sheldon, a legendary pilot, and mountaineer who was known for his daring rescues and pioneering flights in the Alaskan wilderness.

Photo Credit – Sheldon Chalet

Sheldon Chalet Cuisine With A View

The chalet is accessible only by helicopter and can accommodate up to ten guests at a time. Each of the five bedrooms features floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking views of the surrounding glaciers and mountains. The chalet is fully equipped with modern amenities, including a gourmet kitchen, a sauna, and a hot tub, but the real draw is the pristine wilderness that surrounds it.

Photo Credit – Sheldon Chalet

Sheldon Chalet Luxury Alaska Accommodations

But it’s not just the stunning scenery that sets Sheldon Chalet apart. The chalet’s owners and staff go above and beyond to ensure that each guest has a truly unforgettable experience. From gourmet meals prepared by a private chef to personalized guided tours of the surrounding wilderness, every aspect of the guest experience is carefully crafted to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Photo Credit – Sheldon Chalet

Sheldon Chalet Alaska Adventure

Guests at Sheldon Chalet can explore the glacier on guided hikes and ski tours, or simply relax and take in the spectacular views. In the winter, the aurora borealis can often be seen from the chalet’s panoramic windows, making for a truly magical experience.


Photo Credit – Sheldon Chalet

Sheldon Chalet Remarkable Alaska Theater

if you’re looking for a luxurious and unforgettable Alaskan experience, Sheldon Chalet is a must-visit destination. From the stunning scenery to the personalized service, every aspect of this mountain retreat is designed to create memories that will last a lifetime. So book your stay today and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Photo Credit – Sheldon Chalet

Ultima Thule Lodge A Deep Wilderness Lodge

Ultima Thule Lodge is a one-of-a-kind wilderness retreat located in the heart of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska. This family-owned lodge is the perfect destination for those seeking a truly unique and authentic Alaskan experience.

The lodge was founded in 1982 by Paul Claus and his wife Donna, who fell in love with the rugged and remote beauty of the Wrangell Mountains. Today, the lodge is still family-owned and operated by their son, owner and head guide, Paul Claus Jr., and his wife, Donna Claus.


Photo Credit – Ultima Thule Lodge

Ultima Thule Lodge Glacier Hiking

Ultima Thule Lodge is a remote wilderness lodge accessible only by small aircraft, and its location in the heart of the Wrangell Mountains makes it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and nature lovers. The lodge sits on a private airstrip and boasts comfortable accommodations, delicious home-cooked meals, and a host of activities that allow guests to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Alaska.

The lodge offers a variety of activities, including hiking, fishing, wildlife watching, glacier trekking, and even flightseeing tours that take guests on scenic flights over the vast wilderness of the Wrangell Mountains. Guests can also take part in cultural experiences, such as visiting nearby Native villages and learning about the local history and traditions.

Photo Credit – Ultima Thule Lodge

Ultima Thule Lodge Spectacular Setting

The accommodations at Ultima Thule Lodge are rustic and charming, with each cabin featuring handmade quilts, local artwork, and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The lodge has a cozy communal area where guests can relax by the fire, share stories of their adventures, and enjoy home-cooked meals prepared with fresh ingredients from the lodge’s own gardens and local farms.

Photo Credit – Ultima Thule Lodge

Ultima Thule Lodge The Alaska Sauna

One of the most unique aspects of Ultima Thule Lodge is the opportunity to experience the Alaskan wilderness in a truly personalized and intimate way. With only a small number of guests at any given time, the lodge is able to tailor its activities and experiences to each guest’s interests and abilities. This means that guests can enjoy a completely customized Alaskan adventure, whether that means hiking to remote alpine lakes or flying over glaciers in a private plane.

Photo Credit – Ultima Thule Lodge

Ultima Thule Lodge Farm to Table

In addition to offering a world-class wilderness experience, Ultima Thule Lodge is also committed to sustainable tourism and environmental conservation. The lodge works to minimize its impact on the environment by using renewable energy sources, recycling, and reducing waste. The Claus family is also committed to giving back to the local community by supporting local businesses and charitable organizations.

In conclusion, Ultima Thule Lodge is a truly unique and unforgettable destination for anyone seeking an authentic Alaskan wilderness experience. With its stunning location, personalized activities, comfortable accommodations, and commitment to sustainable tourism, this family-owned lodge offers an experience like no other.

Photo Credit – Ultima Thule Lodge


If you’re looking for a unique and immersive Alaskan wilderness experience, the Denali Backcountry Lodge may be just what you’re looking for. This remote lodge is located deep within the Denali National Park and Preserve, offering guests unparalleled access to one of the most beautiful and wild places in North America.

Getting to the Denali Backcountry Lodge is an adventure in itself. Guests typically begin their journey in Anchorage, where they can rent a car or take a bus to the park entrance. From there, they’ll board a specially-designed bus that will take them along the 92-mile Denali Park Road, which winds through the heart of the park. Along the way, visitors may see grizzly bears, caribou, moose, and other wildlife, as well as stunning views of the surrounding mountains and tundra.

Photo Credit: Denali Backcountry Lodge

Denali Backcountry Lodge - Panning for Gold

Once they arrive at the lodge, guests are greeted with warm hospitality and rustic charm. The lodge itself is made up of several buildings, including a main lodge, guest cabins, and a dining hall. The cabins are cozy and comfortable, with comfortable beds, wood-burning stoves, and private bathrooms. The main lodge features a lounge area with a fireplace, a library, and a small gift shop.

One of the highlights of staying at the Denali Backcountry Lodge is the opportunity to explore the surrounding wilderness. The lodge offers a wide range of guided hikes, nature walks, and other outdoor activities, led by experienced naturalists and wilderness guides. Visitors can go on a wildlife viewing tour, learn about the local flora and fauna, or take a photography workshop.

Photo Credit: Denali Backcountry Lodge


Of course, no stay at the Denali Backcountry Lodge would be complete without experiencing the food. The lodge offers a farm-to-table dining experience, featuring fresh ingredients sourced from local farms and fishermen. The meals are hearty and delicious, with options for all dietary needs.

Photo Credit: Denali Backcountry Lodge



For those who want to venture even further into the wilderness, the lodge also offers multi-day backpacking trips and other backcountry adventures. These trips are led by experienced guides who know the area well and provide guests with an unforgettable experience of the Alaskan wilderness.

Overall, the Denali Backcountry Lodge is a truly unique and unforgettable Alaskan experience. Whether you’re an avid outdoors person or just looking for a chance to unplug and reconnect with nature, this remote lodge offers something for everyone

Photo Credit: Denali Backcountry Lodge

5 Best Alaska Fishing Lodges and Adventure Resorts

Alaska is a vast wonderland of adventure and beauty with hundreds of lodges and operators.  Magnus Adventures’ goal is to recommend the 5 best lodges that offer superb service, experiences, and amenities. The following selection is based on meeting the Magnus Adventures standards, as well as guest evaluations and independent review forums:

alaska fishing lodgeTalon Lodge & Spa – Alaska fishing lodge on a private island offering gourmet cuisine, luxury accommodations, saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, hiking, kayaking, ATV tours, and a spectacular spa and wellness center.

Website: www.talonlodge.com


Within the Wild thumbnailWithin the Wild, Winterlake Lodge – Winterlake Lodge sits at the entrance to the Alaska Range, just on the edge of an ancient valley offering freshwater fishing, hiking, helicopter tours, bear viewing, glacier trekking, and cooking classes.

Website: www.withinthewild.com


 Sheldon-Chalet-main-lodge-sizedSheldon Chalet – With a view of Denali’s Ruth Glacier, Sheldon Chalet may be Alaska’s most unique lodge.  Enjoy skiing, glacier trekking, spelunking, and other adventures while you also enjoy gourmet cuisine and wonderful service.

Website: www.sheldonchalet.com


Ultima-Thule-bg-hero-lodge-sizedUltima Thile Lodge – Ultima Thule is located within the Wrangell/St. Elias Mountains and provides wilderness adventures including hiking, glacier trekking, plane tours, along with a farm-to-table culinary experience and personalized service.

Website: www.ultimathulelodge.com

Denali-Backcountry-Lodge-denali-thumbnailDenali Backcountry Lodge – Guided excursions and chef-prepared meals in the backcountry of Denali National Park.  Hike, pan for gold, river fish, or just wonder as you view Alaska.

Website: www.alaskacollection.com